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Insulation mastic

 Insulation mastic

Basic properties



There are bitumen-based and water-based insulation mastics.
Used for corrosion protection of concrete, metal, wooden and other constructions, including pipelines. It can be used in waterproofing and roofing works and for gluing of various building materials on the surface without bias as well. 
In order to do insulation on surface of asphalt, etc. ,if necessary, place the paste container inside warm water until it becomes smooth and then mix the content to make it ready.
For better result, apply two layer of insulation mastic on the surface. Perform this twice with suitable intervals.
When used for waterproofing sloping surface of walls, building foundations, pools, etc. ,if necessary, you can use white spirit, or thinner for thinning.
Metal pail- 3kg/16kg