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Product Name Qual. Unit Packing Availibility
Auto shampoo for hand wash kg PE tare-5kg +
Auto shampoo for touchless car wash kg PE tare-5kg +
Bleaching and disinfectant detergent for laundry kg PE tare-500g, 1kg +
Bleaching and disinfecting means kg PE tare-1kg +
Carpets and soft furniture cleaning means kg PE tare - 1 kg +
Dishwashing liquid kg PE tare-450g, 500g, 1kg, 5kg +
Disinfectant gel kg PE tare-450g, 930g +
Drain cleaner kg PE tare-550g, 1,1kg +
Glass cleaner kg PE tare-500g, 5kg +
Laundry detergent for clothes kg PE tare-1kg -
Liquid hand soap kg Pe tare-380g, 400g, 5kg +
Oven cleaning liquid kg PE tare-500g, 1kg +
Universal cleaner kg PE tare-450g, 950g +