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''Naghashan'' short alkyd-based paints

''Naghashan'' Force dry alkyd resin paints
(Rapid drying and high shining)

Basic properties

Way of application


This Force dry alkyd resin based paint is used for painting wooden surfaces, tissues, paper, solid and metal surfaces.
Viscosity 100-120 din cap 4
Density 1.1+/-0.1 gr/sm3
Thinner  max. 20 %
Deep drying time  30-40mn minimum
Complete drying time 2-3 hr
Weight dry film 55-56%
Base short alkyd resin

  • Use solvent to dilute the paint. Gradually add the solvent to the paint and mix the mixture until you get a solid mass. Then use a spray gun to apply to the surface. Keep in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight, at a temperature of 5-350C, humidity - 50-70%.
Metal container- 1kg/4kg